We believe that when markets are secure and reliable, investors have greater opportunities and capital can be deployed more efficiently. At Citadel Securities, we are dedicated to bringing these goals to fruition every single day.

Our market-making leadership brings deep liquidity to the equities and options markets. Through our technology and advanced algorithmic strategies, we have been able to advance execution quality and lower trading costs, helping to level the playing field for retail investors.

In everything we do, Citadel Securities serves as a dedicated advocate for the investors we serve. We actively engage in the regulatory debates shaping the markets of tomorrow. The insights we provide help decision-makers maintain sound markets and achieve the best possible outcomes for investors.

A history of delivering results

Our track record has made us a destination of choice for the clients we serve. Having earned their trust across a range of market environments, our clients have helped us become one of the largest market-makers in both the U.S. equities and options markets.

Entry into Market-Making

Citadel Securities enters the equity market-making business in 2005 with its launch of Retail Execution Services.


Rapid Growth

Within 10 months, Citadel Securities becomes one of the leading equity market makers, earning over 15 percent market share.1


1 Billion Shares

Citadel Securities has its first one-billion-share equity day in 2009, when one billion shares are executed in a single day.


Algos and ATS

Citadel Securities provides algorithms and alternative trading systems to external institutions and brokers beginning in 2011.


More Markets

In 2012, Citadel Securities launches the CES OTC market-making business, enabling its retail broker-dealer clients to trade approximately 18,000 OTC securities worldwide.

Citadel Securities can access liquidity in over 30 countries, including every U.S. equities exchange.


Market Share Leader

Citadel Securities executes approximately 13 percent of U.S. consolidated volume in equities and 20 percent in U.S.-listed equity options volume.2 We also execute approximately 26 percent of U.S. retail equities volume.3


Citadel Securities helps shape the future of finance.

In the rapidly evolving global investment landscape, Citadel Securities is a driver of market transformation. Our advanced electronic trading platforms provide investors with greater transparency, superior levels of execution and significant cost savings.

Millions of retail investors benefit from Citadel Execution Services’ (CES) fast, reliable equity and options execution.

Institutions trust Citadel Securities to be their global partner in trading technologies. Our algorithmic trading offering provides superior execution capabilities, along with a full suite of powerful tools and services backed by the latest trading technologies.

Our clients’ needs change frequently. Citadel Securities anticipates these changes and evolves our business to address them quickly and accurately. We believe our offerings and technologies set the standard for our industry, equipping investors with significant advancements in efficiency and new access to liquidity.

1 Source: Thomson Transaction Analytics. Measured based on executed market orders publicly reported by direct competitors pursuant to SEC Rule 605 from Aug 2005-Aug 2006.

2 Measured based on publicly reported total transaction volume during the 12 months ending Q2 2014.

3 Source: Thomson Transaction Analytics. Measured based on executed shares for market orders publicly reported by direct competitors pursuant to SEC Rule 605 for Q1 2014.