Led by our world class team and enabled by our leading edge trading and execution technology, we seek to transform the way investors interact with global markets through predictive analytics and high performance computing.

We strive to stand among the most trusted and impactful financial firms of our time, and draw the best and brightest to Citadel’s culture of meritocracy that prizes insightful research and analytical rigor. Our world-class capabilities position us to meet the liquidity demands of our diverse group of institutional clients in all market conditions.

The team makes its mark every day from our offices around the world:

Chicago  •  New York  •  London  •  Hong Kong
Toronto  •  Shanghai  •  Shenzhen  •  Sydney  •  Dublin

A history of delivering results

Our track record has made us a destination of choice for the clients we serve. Our clients have helped us become one of the largest securities dealers across asset classes.

Entry into Market-Making

Citadel Securities enters the options market-making business in 2002 and equity market-making business in 2005.


Rapid Growth

Within 10 months, Citadel Securities becomes one of the leading equity market makers, earning over 15 percent market share.1


1 Billion Shares

Citadel Securities has its first one-billion-share equity day in 2009, when one billion shares are executed in a single day.



Citadel Securities provides algorithms to external clients beginning in 2011.


More Markets

In 2012, Citadel Securities launches the CES OTC market-making business, enabling its retail broker-dealer clients to trade approximately 17,000 OTC securities worldwide.

Citadel Securities can access liquidity in all major dark pools, including every U.S. equities exchange.


Market Share Leader

Citadel Securities executes approximately 17 percent of U.S. consolidated volume in equities2 and 21 percent in U.S.-listed equity options volume.3 We also execute approximately 37 percent of U.S. retail equities volume.4


Citadel Connect

Citadel Connect, Citadel Securities' innovative IOC Gateway, hits 79M shares ADV in Q1 2014.5


Interest Rate Swaps Market

Citadel Institutional Solutions begins trading interest rate swaps on major sefs and is in the top 5 within the first four months.


Better Markets Make a Better World

We believe that when markets are more liquid and efficient, investors have greater opportunities and capital can be deployed more effectively. At Citadel Securities, we are dedicated to bringing these goals to fruition every day. Our offerings and technologies set the standard for our industry, equipping investors with significant advancements in efficiency and new access to liquidity.

Citadel Securities is a world leader in creating transparent and fair market structures. We advocate for and help create fair, open markets that feature:

  • Open access to all participants;
  • Transparency of pricing and market data;
  • Central clearing for greater systemic stability

1 Source: Vista One. Measured based on executed market orders publicly reported by direct competitors pursuant to SEC Rule 605 from Aug 2005-Aug 2006.

2 Measured based on publicly reported total transaction volume during the 12 months ending Q4 2016.

3 Measured based on the sum of contracts executed in an agency or principal capacity divided by the publicly reported total OCC cleared volume during the 12 months ending Q4 2016.

4 Source: RegOne. Measured based on shares executed at market center for market orders publicly reported by direct competitors pursuant to SEC Rule 605 as of December 2016.

5 Measured based on average daily volume of single-counted shares executed by Citadel Securities through Citadel Connect during the relevant period.