Citadel Connect, our innovative IOC Gateway, is one of the fastest growing sources of off-exchange liquidity in the U.S. equities market, executing approximately 87M shares ADV in Q4 2016.1

Citadel Connect provides unparalleled access to our deep source of liquidity for an expansive list of over 7,500 exchange-listed securities. It offers extensive transaction cost savings, high fulfillment rates, minimal market impact, and a fully customized trading experience. We can easily accommodate a diverse range of client trading infrastructures and routing technologies, allowing for seamless integration.

With the increasing importance of off-exchange trading, it is critical for market participants to connect to alternative sources of liquidity. Citadel Connect provides investors with efficient, reliable and cost-effective access to our deep and diverse source of liquidity unavailable anywhere else.


  • Access to Citadel’s market-maker liquidity
  • Rapidly growing source of unique liquidity
  • Extensive universe of over 7,500 symbols
  • Rapid, reliable, cost-effective executions
  • Fully customized trading experience
  • Flexible order attributes (Market, Limit, MinQty, FOK, Midpoint)


To learn more about Citadel Connect, please contact
Joe Stratico at 1.312.395.3395 for more information.

1 Measured based on average daily volume of single-counted shares executed by Citadel Securities through Citadel Connect during the relevant period.