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“I’m so proud that the efficient and effective tools I build help improve the workflow of traders and quantitative researchers.”



Technologists at Citadel Securities

At Citadel Securities, technologists design, develop, and enhance the sophisticated technology that powers quantitative trading strategies. As a technologist, you’ll leverage a wide variety of Innovative approaches to deliver scalable, high-performing, and resilient solutions to drive our ability to trade and revolutionize financial markets. You’ll collaborate with quantitative researchers and traders to unravel complex problems that face our industry. Our technologists are constantly presented with new and interesting opportunities to challenge what others might dismiss as impossible.

Your Skills and Talents:

A degree in computer science, computer engineering or related fields (Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D. degree).
An intellectual curiosity and passion for solving challenging problems using technology, possess exceptional programming and design skills, and can communicate effectively in a collaborative, complex and highly technical team environment.

Your Opportunity:

The financial industry offers endless opportunities for innovation. Our technologists quickly advance by working on a wide range of complex problems. At Citadel Securities, you don’t just build tools, you pave the way for the markets of tomorrow. You exercise your creativity and make direct impact on markets with sophisticated technology.

Your Potential Roles:

Software Engineer – Software Engineers design, develop, test, and deploy elegant software solutions that optimize performance and efficiency.

Data Engineer –  Data Engineers architect and build our data platforms which drive how we source, enrich, and store data that integrates into our trading strategies.

Quantitative Developer – Quantitative Developers partner with Quantitative Researchers to create and implement trading system software solutions that leverage sophisticated statistical techniques and technologies.

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Your Potential Colleagues:

We sat down with one of our engineers, Jing, to help you understand what attracted him to the field and what a day in his role entails. Here are some of the insights we heard.

How did you initially get interested in financial markets?

“I obtained my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Virginia, specializing in compilers, runtime systems, and parallel architectures. While I could’ve stayed in academia or chosen a different industry, I decided I wanted to challenge myself to engineer solutions in an environment where the problem set, in this case markets, is consistently changing. As I observed modern financial markets evolve, my decision was reaffirmed. Financial markets rely on the computing power and speed that allows engineers to constantly challenge themselves.”

What’s a day as an Engineer like for you?

“The variety of tasks I work on in a given day are fairly breathtaking. Depending on the status of projects, I can be found:

  • Diving into academic papers to become an expert in the latest trends for a given engineering challenge
  • Collaborating with colleagues to workshop potential solutions
  • Programming prototypes
  • Partnering with traders to drive adoption for the solution and receive feedback

With this variety of responsibilities, I’m able to grow and develop into a well-rounded technologist.”

What types of complex engineering challenges do you and your team try to solve?

“As an engineer at a quantitative trading firm, performance and resiliency matter for our systems. With that in mind, I get to take on the challenge of translating software-driven development environments into hardware-driven production environments. Put differently, we get to explore how to turn thoughtful, but somewhat theoretical ideas into real-world applications.

In one instance, I proposed a framework that could transparently turn our research models into high-performance, production-ready components. The management team empowered me to deliver on this solution in a fully dedicated fashion for a year. This is an example of an engineer’s ability to turn a big idea into a solution with a significant impact at Citadel Securities.”

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