Traders at Citadel Securities

At Citadel Securities, traders drive our systematic and semi-systematic trading strategies – and their own career paths.  They are empowered with advanced technology and algorithms necessary to make large, complex risk decisions in real-time.  Our traders immediately make an impact and contribute to the firm. Simultaneously, they collaborate and grow with the industry’s elite quantitative researchers and technologists and learn from seasoned traders. At Citadel Securities, traders develop an in-depth knowledge of complex market structure, build meaningful relationships across the firm, become experts at monitoring risks and responding to market signals, and execute state-of-the-art trading strategies.

Your Skills and Talents:

Ideal candidates have a strong academic record with a degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science, Economics, or another quantitative field (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree).
Ideal candidates demonstrate passion for the financial markets and trading, excel at communication and planning, employ a systematic approach to problem solving, and showcase an acute understanding of risk taking in uncertain conditions.

Your Opportunity:

At Citadel Securities, you’ll make an impact on day one by getting assigned to a primary team – which will enable you to gain experience in trading and research and make strides towards certifications. In addition, in select locations we offer opportunities to rotate between multiple trading desks. We want to help you discover the trading strategies and asset classes that interest you the most.

Your Potential Roles:

Systematic Trader – Systematic Traders are responsible for managing the core quantitative trading strategies at Citadel Securities.  As a Systematic Trader, you’ll solve complex, multi-layered issues across a wide set of automated trading strategies and provide critical business, risk and trading insights to the firm.  You’ll generally oversee portfolio and trading system risk of a wide variety of automated strategies and partner with the world’s elite quantitative researchers and software engineers to pioneer the future of these strategies.

Semi-Systematic Trader – Semi-Systematic Traders are risk takers who leverage a combination of quantitative techniques, market knowledge, and cutting-edge technology to make the most of market opportunities. Specifically, you’ll leverage the firm’s dynamic approach to trading to blend systematic and discretionary trading decisions based on the dynamics of the particular market you’re covering. You’ll master trading technology, counterparty management, quantitative research, and game theory aspects of a hybrid trading strategy. You’ll combine this domain experience with skills in decision-making under uncertain conditions in a fast-paced market.

Fundamental Analyst – As a Fundamental Analyst, you’ll evaluate companies’ value by relentlessly pursuing truth with a scientific approach. Accomplishing this requires synthesizing complex, diverse fundamental company information alongside big picture, macroeconomic events. With this information, you’ll form insights and translate them into options pricing models and structured options trades by using a wide range of statistical, forecasting, and fundamental analysis tools to identify prime trading opportunities.

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Your Potential Colleagues:

We sat down with one of our traders, Marcin, to discuss why he decided to pursue a career in trading and what a day in his role entails.

How did you decide to pursue a career in trading?

“I have always valued measuring the impact of a group’s efforts and decisions. The trading environment is one of the few environments in which feedback is provided in an immediate and objective fashion, allowing for continual iteration and improvement. As a result of the industry’s dynamic nature, the problems I’m tasked with solving are consistently unique and engaging. It was an easy choice to commit to a career where you’re exposed to a variety of unique problems to solve and where yesterday’s learnings can be applied to today’s complex challenges.”

What’s a day like for you as a Trader?

“Each day is atypical. While there is a constant set of responsibilities, the way I fulfill them changes given the conditions of the market and the adaptations needed to best approach the situation at hand. Each day, traders assess how we need to evolve to keep up to date with market trends and continually improve.

More consistent aspects of the role consist of:

  • Collaborating with our research team on new ideas and strategies
  • Sharing observations with other trading desks to foster new linkages and enhance best practices
  • Analyzing our performance and managing our risk in close connection with our centralized Risk Management Team”

What types of complex mathematical or statistical problems do you most enjoy solving at Citadel Securities?

“I enjoy exploring measures of volatility and risk, as well as exploring themes across market structures. It’s rewarding to construct new models that explain performance and risk exposure. In addition, my team relies on various time-series techniques to analyze and provide context to the results of our trading.

The immediate feedback we receive from testing hypotheses developed with these models in mind motivates me in ways that I believe are truly unique at a firm like Citadel Securities.”

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