Careers How Kelly Brennan “Explores” Her Way to Career Success

How Kelly Brennan “Explores” Her Way to Career Success

May 28, 2019

Welcome back to another edition of Citadel Securities Conversations, an exclusive series of interviews with senior leaders across Citadel Securities about how we bring together and enable the brightest minds in financial markets, technology, engineering, and sciences to tackle challenges in the markets.

We sat down with Kelly Brennan, Head of ETF at Citadel Securities, to give you insights into our culture and offer you advice on how to effectively explore throughout your career.  Specifically, Kelly outlines her career path (0:23), what differentiates our culture from other firms that make markets (1:44), and how the firm empowers bright team members to become the best in their respective fields (2:37).

Finally, for those who are graduating this year, Kelly shares her favorite career advice (3:46). Watch the latest edition of Citadel Securities Conversations in full below.