Market Insights Why the “Road Ahead” in Finance Looks Different Than What’s Behind

Why the “Road Ahead” in Finance Looks Different Than What’s Behind

May 27, 2016

The “Road Ahead in Finance” looks quite different than the road behind, found a panel assembled at Milken to discuss how regulation, disruption, and human capital will shape the next few years.

In the clip below (26:00), Citadel Securities’ Paul Hamill explains how the same kinds of conditions that gave rise to disruptors like Amazon and Uber in the consumer goods space are now being seen in financial services. “We find ourselves increasingly competing with Silicon Valley firms. That in and itself is telling for where I think we are and where this industry is going” Hamill noted on the competition for talent.

Topics discussed by the panel, which was moderated by Credit Suisse Holdings’ Tim O’Hara and featuredBlackstone’s Stephen Schwartzman, BMP Capital Markets’ Darrly White, CFTC Chairman Timothy Massad, and EJF Capital’s Emanuel Friedman, included:

    • Innovation & fixed income markets (29:50)
    • Benefits & risks of blockchain (32:10)
    • Impact of financial crisis on culture & talent (36:00)

“It’s a universal truth that the best and brightest want to work with other exceptional people and want to feel that they are contributing to something great. We don’t take it lightly… We are trying to redefine and change financial markets…That needs to happen,” concluded Hamill.

Which trend do you see having the greatest impact on the industry over the next few years?