Markets & Trading

Manage trading strategies and make real-time, complex decisions


Make pricing decisions and learn to take smart risk in partnership with quantitative researchers and engineers.

Every day, the markets present exciting and meaningful challenges.

Our traders make complex risk decisions and execute trades at scale, in real-time.

As a markets and trading expert, you’ll use predictive analytics and advanced technology to monitor risk, respond to market signals and execute trading strategies across Options, ETFs, Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities and Currencies.

Working on a dedicated team, you can quickly learn the business and contribute to the firm.

Growth and development

We make bold investments in extraordinary people. We’re committed to helping you develop the skills you need to succeed, hone your strengths and contribute to the team.

You’ll start with a year-long training curriculum taught by industry experts and senior leadership at Citadel Securities in addition to learning from seasoned teammates every day. We will teach you about our different trading strategies and help you cultivate your market and business intuition.

Academic coursework

Learn asset class fundamentals, technical skills and decision making from experienced industry professionals.

Practical case studies and mock trading

Explore all the markets in which Citadel Securities operates by studying interesting market events. Hone your skills and intuition through mock trading scenarios.


Benefit from practical instruction on leading teams, managing projects and communicating with colleagues.

Frequently asked questions

We interview top trading talent around the world. These are some of their frequently asked questions, answered by traders here at Citadel Securities.

What is the culture like for traders?

Entrepreneurial: Great ideas, even from junior traders, are rewarded with the opportunity and resources to pursue them. Managers are responsible for setting the high-level strategy but work directly alongside traders on the desk. This means great ideas and meaningful contributions can come from anyone on the team—creating a true meritocracy. The most successful people at Citadel Securities are those who proactively identify problems and propose solutions.

Collaborative: We value winning as a team and are set up to do just that. We are in constant communication throughout the day and work closely with quantitative researchers and engineers – not just other traders.

Ambitious: We are uncompromising when it comes to being the best and delivering the most for our clients. There is no better pressure test for your strategies and solutions than the market and its real-time feedback. We know when to pivot. We don’t just think about what works today—we also think about what will create the most value for the firm in the future.

What qualities make someone a successful trader?

Curious: Successful traders enjoy putting their curiosity to use. It is more than being attentive to markets and current events; it’s the desire to use the information available to identify opportunities. An interest in continuous learning about the markets and managing risk is key to quickly building confidence and trading expertise.

Solution oriented: The markets change rapidly. Being able to synthesize a lot of information and make critical decisions is important. The market provides immediate feedback, so you must have the desire to iterate in real-time.

Perceptive: You enjoy apprenticeship and have the confidence to watch, learn and take calculated risks. As a trader, learning opportunities come with each execution.

There are many, but good examples include exploring measures of volatility and risk as well as exploring themes across market structures. It’s rewarding to construct new models that explain performance and risk exposure. Our teams rely on various time-series techniques to analyze and provide context to the results of our trading.

The immediate feedback we receive from testing hypotheses developed with these models is really motivating – helping us continue to push harder and pursue better outcomes.

From the start, Citadel Securities is focused on helping you learn and apply your skills.

As a new employee starting your career, you will go through an immersive training experience. You will spend time in a classroom-like environment, learning the fundamentals of trading from experienced traders. You will also work closely with dedicated traders on your teams, shadowing them and learning in real time. You’ll have the chance to work on various projects that will provide immediate value, while you collaborate with fundamental analysts, traders, software engineers and quantitative researchers. You’ll also participate in mock trading to develop your ability to make decisions.

You will be placed on a dedicated team where you can use your strong technical skills to hit the ground running. You can work side-by-side with experienced traders to master the complex details necessary to trade your asset class.

Depending on the needs of your team, you may also work on data analysis or development projects. For example, you may work on an analysis project on the desk that requires you to spend time understanding the different technology resources we have and become more familiar with databases as you complete the project. You’ll also focus on monitoring events and learn how markets are calibrated, allowing you to hone your intuition.

In parallel, you will continue to receive dedicated education. This may include lectures on interesting trading scenarios, demonstrations of how to take advantage of our proprietary tools and mock trading. You will be taught how the trading system works.

Our entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to meritocracy and scale set us apart. We are growing quickly across markets and around the globe and there is a lot of exciting work to be done. With a variety of trading strategies across an extensive set of asset classes, there is plenty of opportunity for fulfilling challenges.

Traders that take initiative are rewarded. A culture that rewards ambitious self-starters is special, and it only happens when traders are given a lot of trust and responsibility quickly.

To prepare for a career in trading, candidates should focus on both the industry and the skills people need to work in finance both today and tomorrow.

As far as the industry goes, it is important to have an interest in financial markets. That could include taking finance and economics courses, participating in finance related clubs or competitions, or reading The Wall Street Journal or Financial Times daily.

But we don’t work in theory – we apply it in a data-driven manner. Skills wise, candidates who thrive here have the technical skills in math, statistics and statistical analysis, probability and data science. You can develop these skills through nearly any STEM major as well as through independent research. Competitive gaming is a great way to hone your decision-making skills. Backgammon, chess, poker, bridge and CCGs are a few examples.


  • BS/MS in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science, Economics or another quantitative field preferred
  • Passion for the financial markets and trading
  • Established capability for systematic problem solving
  • Technical skills: Acute understanding of risk taking in uncertain conditions, programming languages, algorithm theory and statistics
  • Strategic decision-making skills: Adept ability to take in new information and act quickly
  • Resilience: desire to take ownership, commitment to working with integrity and ability to overcome obstacles to achieve long term goals
  • Intellectual curiosity and a motivation to learn
  • Excellent communication and planning skills

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