Quantitative Research

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“It's rewarding to combine my research skills with insights from observing financial markets to make a significant impact.”



Quantitative Researchers at Citadel Securities:

The Quantitative Research team at Citadel Securities develops and implements next-generation valuation models and systematic trading strategies in the world’s most competitive and dynamic markets. As a Quantitative Researcher (QR), you will apply advanced statistical techniques and engineering skills to complex data sets to model markets, test hypotheses, and create proprietary trading algorithms. As markets continuously evolve, QRs keep Citadel Securities at the forefront by constantly solving some of the most challenging quantitative problems of our time.

Your Skills and Talents:

Advanced training in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science, or another highly quantitative field, with strong knowledge of probability and statistics (Bachelors, Masters, PhD degree).
Ability to consistently use statistical analyses to distill complex problems to mathematical cores, formulate creative hypotheses, and leverage statistical tools to analyze data sets and develop market signals.

Your Opportunity:

As a QR at Citadel Securities, you will be equipped with the platforms, resources, and mentorship to shape your own career path. We trust and empower our team members to have and execute on big ideas from the start so they make a direct impact on our business and the global markets. To achieve this, we leverage a wide variety of computational and research techniques to take on what others dismiss as impossible.

Open Positions


Your Potential Colleagues:

We sat down with a couple of our Quantitative Researchers to help you understand what drew them to the field and what a day in their roles entails. Here are some of the insights we heard.

How did you become interested in financial markets?

“Once I understood how critical quantitative research was to the firm’s business, I was intrigued and excited by the opportunity to find creative mathematical solutions to real-world problems.

I studied machine learning fairly deeply during my postdoctoral research and appreciated the complexity of market behavior. I immediately jumped at the challenge to take on these complex problems as my full-time career.

After a handful of conversations with team members at Citadel Securities, I concluded I wanted to spend my days getting challenged by bright and innovative people.”

What’s a day like for you as a Quantitative Researcher?

“My days oscillate between participating in group whiteboard sessions and ‘playing with data’ for research projects. Spending time with these vast data sets and delving deep into specific problems allows me to become a domain expert in these areas.

There are two distinct responsibilities in my role. First, I develop trading algorithms by collecting data, discovering useful market insights, and ultimately turning these insights into predictive models. Second, I work with technologists to push forward our research infrastructure to empower my team to continually innovate.”

What types of complex mathematical or statistical problems do you most enjoy solving at Citadel Securities?

“I come to work every day with an aim to glean economic intuition from simple yet expressive mathematical models and to inform and enhance these models through statistical exploration of rich data sets. This can be through classical statistical approaches or through neural networks and reinforcement learning.

I particularly enjoy combining classic techniques, such as linear regression and convex programming, with thoughtful and market-driven insights. I’m always challenged to find opportunities to leverage statistical techniques in new and cutting-edge ways to ultimately contribute to the firm’s business goals.”

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