Quantitative Research

Driving the firm’s competitive edge, our quantitative researchers build next-generation models and advanced trading algorithms.

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Start with an idea. Build it, test it and refine it. Make it great, then make it better. Receive fast feedback from the markets.

Seeking Curious Minds

Our quants bring skills from a wide range of disciplines. They work side by side with engineers and traders. Quants apply their research quickly, seeing the impact of their work in the world.

About Our Quantitative Research Team

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A Day in the Life of a Quantitative Researcher

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Answers For Applicants

Quants from our team answer some of our candidates’ most frequently asked questions.

What makes someone successful as a quant?

What skills are the most important in quant careers?

What sets our firm apart in the financial industry?

What Makes a
Great Candidate

  • BS/MS/PhD in mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science or another highly quantitative field
  • Strong knowledge of probability and statistics
  • Experience performing data analysis and building predictive models using data
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Passion for problem solving
  • Programming experience
  • Motivation and desire to learn
  • Commitment to excellence

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