Research Team

Advancing the
Science of Markets

Quants develop and deploy our automated strategies and generate insights that inform trading. Often serving as decision-makers and business leads, quants deepen our understanding of the markets and drive better outcomes.

Applying Science, Optimizing Strategy

Avoiding untested assumptions, we treat market problems as scientific questions. We approach the market with humility.

Our quants observe patterns and form hypotheses, defining ideas with mathematical precision. When the data supports a hypothesis, we build out large-scale strategies to implement our ideas.

Markets are complex, data-rich and fast-moving. Quants can quickly see how the markets validate or refute their thinking.

Turning Analysis Into Action

Quants build the sophisticated algorithms that drive our systematic trading. On semi-systematic trading teams, they supply critical research to our traders.

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Alpha Research

Quants build and fine-tune the models that shape our fundamental understanding of the markets. Working with proprietary research tools and large-scale datasets, quants identify market signals with potential predictive power.

As quants construct, test and refine hypotheses, they create models that become critical inputs for our market-making activities.

Strategy Development

Quants determine the most effective ways to turn ideas into action. They model the impact of trading on market signals. They also study the risks and opportunities posed by wider macroeconomic forces.

By combining market signals, market impact models and risk factors, quants develop strategies tailored to the markets they analyze.

Creative and Strategic

Mathematical ability is only part of a quant’s skillset. Our teams excel at finding creative connections in the complexity of market data. Thinking critically, they turn complex abstraction into measurable commercial results.

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