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As the industry’s top market maker, we are a trusted source of liquidity in both tranquil and turbulent times. Our technologies seamlessly connect broker-dealers and institutions to our liquidity ecosystem.


Destination for U.S. retail order flow1


U.S. equity market volume executed through our platform2


Securities in which we make markets globally3


For over 20 years, we’ve provided reliable execution to our clients—and today, we are the market leader in U.S. equities.

Our equities businesses span a broad range of services. These include: sourcing liquidity, executing small and large orders on behalf of clients and serving corporate clients through our exchange market-making program.

We continuously upgrade our capabilities through sophisticated research and rapid development, seeking to raise the industry standard for fast, reliable execution.


As one of the world’s largest ETF traders, we provide block-sized liquidity to help clients minimize the impact of large trades and get the best price for their order.

Combining technology platforms, proprietary expertise and deep knowledge of ETFs and their underlying constituents, we deliver competitive quotes efficiently.

Designated Market Maker

As the NYSE’s leading Designated Market Maker, we provide principal liquidity in the stocks of many of the world’s best-known companies, as well as critical market intelligence to our corporate clients.

We apply our extensive experience and strong balance sheet to help steer through a range of market challenges—and promote the orderly trading of securities for corporate issuers.

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We research and promote policies that will drive efficiency, transparency and resiliency in equities markets.

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