An online programming competition of technical and creative problem-solving.

Winning Takes a Team

Terminal is an online games-based programming competition for university students around the globe studying software engineering and data science.

Build algorithms with your team and see real time results as you compete in a head-to-head, round-robin style tournament for the chance to win cash prizes.

It’s an opportunity to demonstrate how you thrive under pressure as you problem-solve through programming—but most importantly, how you do it as a team. .

Push Your Technical Abilities

Apply your programming skills to a games-based setting with the goal of winning.

Demonstrate Creativity

In Terminal, there is no one-fits-all strategy. Teams are challenged to demonstrate critical thinking, technical knowledge, and innovation.

Compete for Prizes

Top teams win a cash prize.

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Terminal Events

Motivated students come together to form a collaborative, competitive and exciting environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are Terminal Events?

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How do I join a team?

Do I need programming experience to join this competition?

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Upcoming Events

Europe Terminal
Competition:  May 13, 2024 – May 20, 2024
Application Deadline:  May 3, 2024
Applications are now closed.
Location:  Virtual

US Summer Invitational Terminal
Competition:  August 15, 2024 – August 22, 2024
Application Deadline:  August 1, 2024
Selected applicants will be notified by August 7, 2024.
Location:  Virtual

Asia Terminal
Competition:  October 10, 2024 – October 17, 2024
Application Deadline:  September 26, 2024
Selected applicants will be notified by October 3, 2024.
Location: Virtual