Quantitative Research

Develop next-generation valuation models and quantitative trading strategies


Apply your research in partnership with expert engineers and traders.

Every day, the markets present exciting and meaningful challenges.

At Citadel Securities, quantitative researchers work collaboratively to apply advanced statistical techniques and engineering acumen to model markets, test hypotheses and create trading algorithms in the world’s most competitive and dynamic markets.

The problems we tackle do not have simple, check-the-box solutions. Our quants apply their mathematical and coding aptitude to help execute trades at scale.

You can make an impact faster here than you might elsewhere. Starting on a dedicated team, you’ll quickly learn the business and build relationships with colleagues who will invest in your success and help you grow.

Growth and development

We invest in extraordinary people and will equip you with the skills, tools and resources you’ll need to thrive. Our direct placement model accelerates the learning curve, positioning you to learn the business quickly and take ownership of your career.


Learn the fundamentals of capital markets, investments and derivatives. Become fluent in the language of financial technology and adept at working with financial data.


Sharpen your research skills with direct experience and ongoing mentorship.


Benefit from practical instruction on leading teams, managing projects and communicating with colleagues.

Frequently asked questions

We interview top research talent around the world. These are some of their frequently asked questions, answered by quantitative researchers here at Citadel Securities.

What makes someone successful as a quant?

Applying a curious and commercial mindset is crucial to success. Whether you are locating the price of a stock, measuring how much money a company has made or figuring out the best way to use a particular data set, an appreciation for the research process and the drive to develop solutions is essential.

Ownership: We encourage initiative. People who take responsibility and accountability for projects are supported and rewarded and grow the fastest.

Creativity: The problems we tackle do not have simple, check-the-box solutions. You will be exposed to real-world problems and must possess the ability to innovate and iterate from multiple angles with passion and persistence. We are excited by the opportunity to test our ideas—and keep doing so until we find a solution.

Attention to detail: Excellence is our baseline. But you don’t need to be an expert on day one; we’ll teach you. We want talented researchers who place a high degree of importance on precision, want to learn, can master new skills and continue to raise the bar together.

Ambition and resilience: You should have an insatiable drive to seek out problems and identify their solutions. There is no shortage of interesting problems to work on, and the most successful quants are true self-starters who are eager to take on new challenges and solve difficult problems.

Our work is challenging. People who thrive here embrace failure as an opportunity to learn and keep pushing forward. You need to be able to share strong rationales for the solutions you propose and must be comfortable pivoting.

What skills are the most important in quant careers?

We value candidates who have a deep understanding of technology and the research process. If those qualities describe you, we can help you define your area of expertise and locate your niche within the industry.

Math and statistics: It’s vital you possess these foundational skills, since you’ll be spending a lot of time modeling and forecasting, using statistics as a launching point. We can teach you everything you need to know about finance, but you should already have a robust statistical intuition.

Engineering and coding: Coding can be very useful in quantitative roles. Familiarity with computer science will help you learn quickly and get the most out of our proprietary tools.

Working with data: Prior experience working with data will enhance your ability to understand its real-world applications and model information effectively. Many of your colleagues will come from non-computer science backgrounds like chemistry or physics, where they utilized these skills. This is invaluable as we develop new approaches to identify market signals.

Applied research: A deep understanding of conducting and applying research is critical. Experience working on long-term research projects is extremely beneficial, but learning on the job is equally effective.

Some firms keep research and production separate. Here, we combine the two, making us faster and more agile. A new project can go from ideation, to deployment, to live trading within an hour.

We only hire extraordinary talent, without compromise. Our colleagues are extremely smart, driven individuals focused on achieving results. The opportunity for learning and growth at Citadel Securities is unrivaled.

Success is shared. We work with our peers and mentors to develop ideas together. When quants present work to their research team, they receive valuable academic-style feedback. The team pressure-tests ideas from all angles, asking nuanced questions and challenging specific elements to ensure the concept is as strong as possible. This dynamic engagement accelerates your growth and development.

When you start, you will join a dedicated team and have the opportunity to quickly learn and master new skills. Your success depends on your ability to apply yourself and keep improving.

Citadel Securities provides the resources and mentors needed to grow. There are countless opportunities to raise your hand with an idea, and receive the tools needed to translate those lightbulb moments into reality. Flawless execution of these proposals will lead to more opportunities to explore your solutions and prove their value.

As you progress, you can take control of core strategies, new ideas and features. There is a real opportunity to own the entire pipeline—from generating an idea, to determining its viability, to implementing code, to deploying the solution for the business.

You will have the opportunity to hone your research and technical skills and develop stronger intuition.

When you work in the financial markets, you don’t wait weeks or months to see if you were right or if your hypothesis held. Projects are put into production and live trading, fast. The markets give real-time feedback, which helps iterate and learn faster.

Since attention to detail is key, our quants continually sharpen their coding skills and become more confident in their ability to deliver stable and production-ready code consistently.

Our quants also develop a strong intuition for identifying what is important when testing and researching projects. Sometimes a small anomaly can lead to a large discovery, and our quants learn to embrace that way of thinking as their intuition develops.

Our culture is very collaborative. We learn not only from our research, but from each other. Everyone focuses on new ways to contribute and add value.

We’re fast paced and flexible – but the impact of our work is critical. We encourage the same dynamic, autonomous approach familiar in many leading tech startups but provide the more supportive framework of an established financial firm. This means you benefit from mobility, communication, resources and top-tier benefits.

We are empowered to contribute in meaningful ways. Our quants are motivated to do more than they ever thought possible – and are recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments.


  • BS/MS/PhD in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science or another highly quantitative field
  • Strong knowledge of probability and statistics
  • Experience performing data analysis and building predictive models using data
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Passion for problem solving
  • Programming experience
  • Motivation and desire to learn
  • Commitment to excellence

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