Careers Maximizing Your Career Potential at Citadel Securities

Maximizing Your Career Potential at Citadel Securities

November 27, 2019

The Citadel Securities team—there are over 900 of us globally— recently convened to discuss our firm’s progress toward reaching the milestones we set for ourselves in 2019. While we’re here to revolutionize markets and the world of trading, we understand we can only reach this goal when all of us are in a position to reach our full career potential and challenge what others may view as the boundaries of the impossible. Because we believe that each and every one of our colleagues can pursue excellence in their careers—like our CEO Peng Zhao has done during his tenure at the firm, and for which he was highlighted as one of Fortune’s 40 Under 40—we’ve outlined below some of the areas we focus on to empower our colleagues to make a significant impact. Take stock of whether you’re being challenged and empowered to maximize your potential and become an elite leader in your field.

Opportunity to Solve Some of the Most Complex Challenges

From the first day you join Citadel Securities, you’ll be tackling challenges and solving problems in a manner that is revolutionizing markets. With today’s markets evolving quickly, our teams apply a wide variety of computational and research techniques to innovate and trade. Our colleagues grow by gaining deep experience in these techniques and bringing them together to deliver pioneering solutions.

We empower colleagues to bring forward ideas on how to combine classic approaches, such as linear regression in statistics, with emerging disciplines such as neural networks to continuously improve our ability to make an impact. We commit to evaluating these ideas without regard to the seniority of colleagues originating them. We’re a meritocracy where the best ideas win and colleagues create their own unique career paths by identifying and executing on business opportunities.

Ability to Grow with Elite Colleagues Across Disciplines

To ensure we are consistently producing the best possible results for the firm, our employees are able to work with elite colleagues across a number of disciplines, including quantitative research, trading, technology, and business management.

Citadel Securities is uniquely positioned to bring together the best colleagues across these disciplines due to the combination of the high bar we set for hiring, our global scale, and our relationships with subject matter experts inside and outside the firm. As an example, our employees have access to renowned advisors, including computer scientist Stu Feldman and statistician Nicolai Meinshausen.

However, we go farther than offering access to elite colleagues – we structure our work in a way that fosters deep exploration and mentoring among colleagues. Our quantitative researchers, traders, and technologists problem solve together instead of in silos.

We are committed to providing our colleagues with a level of resources that allow them to explore fresh ideas. This access to differentiated resources helps team members stay focused on the most critical responsibilities and automates repeatable tasks so that new ideas become the next innovations at our firm quickly.

Leveraging Today’s Impact to Pave the Way for the Markets of Tomorrow

We want our team members to not only have a real-time impact on trading performance but also have the foresight to help us evolve and grow our business as markets change and new opportunities arise. To facilitate this dual impact on the markets of today and tomorrow, we champion a culture where colleagues can have big ideas and execute on them. Our culture has driven our investment in a wide variety of coaching, tools, and development opportunities – to not only allow our colleagues to think and execute at their best every day, but better every day.

As one example of the coaching and tools we offer, we launched a partnership with Thrive Global to support colleagues with optimizing time management, well-being, work styles, and even parenting habits. We encourage colleagues to be their best selves and are cognizant that a number of factors lead to peak productivity. With Thrive, employees are provided with science-backed approaches that encourage maximum energy, focus, and productivity based on each individual’s unique circumstances.

At Citadel Securities, we have a history of attracting, challenging, and empowering the smartest individuals across quantitative research, trading, technology, and business management. By empowering our team members to take on what others dismiss as impossible, we’re able to simultaneously revolutionize trading and maximize your career potential.

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