Engineering Team

Powering Critical Systems

Engineers drive innovation by designing and building systems that enable us to operate at massive scale—while achieving efficiency, performance and resilience.


Compute cores used for research at peak


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Scale and Speed

Our engineers build integrated systems that power trading globally, ensuring we’re always in the market. With the firm as the team’s primary customer, engineers can move faster and retain control over solutions.

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Trading Systems

Engineers craft distributed trading systems that must achieve reliable, near-real time operation at scale. These include exchange-facing systems and risk management systems.

Research & Data

Advanced analytics and simulation is fundamental to our business. Engineers tackle challenges of scope, efficiency and scale, enabling us to run simulations on tens of thousands of compute cores.

Core Platforms

From high-speed messaging to cutting-edge web UIs, our platforms enable our business-aligned teams to achieve new levels of development speed.

Site Reliability Engineering

Running a global and heterogeneous production trading environment demands extensive focus on orchestration and monitorability. Our engineering teams provide that focus.

An Entrepreneurial

Engineering is key to our competitive advantage. It’s about much more than pursuing flawless code. Our engineers are commercial thinkers, identifying and pursuing projects with meaningful business value.

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